Thursday, July 15, 2010

We MIGHT have a church!

Last weekend, Derek and I went to Manhattan to meet with the florist and visit some churches. I was nervous about the florist appt. because I had no idea what I wanted (shocker I know). I was able to find a couple bouquet and centerpiece pictures and took them with us (Derek was so nice and came along with me). Our florist (Homestead Floral) did my sister Amy's wedding so I am pretty confident in her. She basically gave me some suggestions and I said sure! Do whatever you think will look right! I had trouble concentrating because I saw a mouse run across the wall right by us so I was more worried about that thing crawling in my purse! She assured me that they just run into the green house and it won't come close to us. She is adding up everything we picked out and will be getting back to us with the cost (cross your fingers it's not $5,000)!

On Saturday we went and looked at a church. I liked it but it has chairs instead of pews (I don't know what it is but most of the churches we are finding have chairs and I am not a fan) AND the chairs were covered in turquise cushions. Not ok! I loved the rest of the church and said if worse came to worse, I would use it but it was totally going to clash with my colors :) Sunday we planned on attending service at the church we have booked (but I had never seen). My mom and sister suggested we just go look at it before service starts so we could get a good look without it being full. So, we went and looked at it and it's not very pretty from the outside and small in the inside. Since we were already out we decided to go take a look at a couple other churches. 1 was WAY to small and the other was decent size but way to expensive. So we are back to square church. I finally asked for some peoples opinion on facebook and a HS friend suggestion First Luthern. I looked at her wedding pics and it looks beautiful. Big, pews, and no awful colors. I called the church yesterday and the pastor is on vacation but the date is open and he will call me back next week. Fingers crossed that we can have our wedding there cause I love it!

Besides my dress shopping this weekend, we have a fun non-wedding weekend planned! Both my sisters are coming to town to go dress shopping with me (my mom is going as well) and then we are going to the Royals game Saturday night and taking family pics on Sunday! We haven't had a family pic since I was 8! My parents aren't going to be in them it's just going to be us kids, husband, fiance, and babies. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'll post next week with pics!

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