Saturday, July 24, 2010

tah dah!!

As of yesterday, we finally have a church!! It has everything I ever wanted...I center aisle, pews, and can fit everyone! I stole this pic from a girl I went to high school with. She told me to check the church out and after I saw her pics, I called right away!

First Lutheran

The pastor was very nice on the phone and is mailing me a wedding book with all the details. He is also going to do our pre marriage counseling with us before the wedding. I am sssoooo happy to finally have a church!


  1. I thought you had already looked at this church and had it booked? This is where Linda got married, it's beautiful!!!

  2. Nope, never looked at it cause it was the church that grandpa and grandma Long just stopped going to so I wasn't sure I should even look. Then I saw a pic and said screw it, they'll still come!

  3. Man if I would have known that I would have told you to check out that one a long time ago. It's aweesome, I love all the wood and of course the big windows in front. Also I think they close the doors after all the wedding party goes down then opens them back up for you to have your big moment. Seven Dolors wouldn't do this for me and I wish they would have, it's just so much more dramatic and like " I am!!!"