Monday, July 19, 2010

Dress shopping, Royals game, family pics...Great weekend

My sister Amy, her husband Josh, Paxton, Harper, my sister Amber, and Aiden all came to town last weekend. After work on Friday, Derek, my mom, and I went to dinner at the Salty Iguana while we waited for Amy and her family to get into town. They didn't get to KC till about 11:30 cause Josh had to work but Pax and Harper both woke up when they got to our place so we got to play with them for an hour before we all headed to bed around 12:30.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning and sent Amy and Josh back to bed and I watched Pax and Harper and made some quiche for when everyone woke up. Mom came over and Amber and Aiden got into town around 9 so we ate a quick breakfast and headed to Bridal Extraordinaire to go dress shopping!! We left Pax and Aiden with Josh and Derek because they were going to my dads girlfriends house to go swimming with my brother and his girlfriend. Harper came along with us girls and did GREAT! On our way to my dress appt. I told my sisters and mom that I was hoping the 1st dress I tried on would be the one because I hate trying clothes on. I put the 1st dress on and loved it. Amy immediately started crying which made all of us start crying. As much as I loved the dress, I felt like I should try on a couple more just in case. I tried on some great dresses but none of them felt like the one. Everyone says you cry when you find the right one and I was beginning to think that wouldn't be the case for me. Then I tried on the 5th dress, got up on the stand in front of all the mirrors and just started crying. I knew it was the one! The store I bought it from will only let you take pics after you buy the dress so I don't even have pics of the other dresses I tried on.

After dress shopping, we headed downtown in hopes of finding a place to eat that none of us had eaten at. We walked around (sweating like crazy) only to find that all the restaurants down there are only open M-F. We drove down to Westport and ate at McCoy's

We were VERY sweaty from walking around trying to find someplace to eat

After lunch we went back to my place so we could all nap and freshen up before the Royals game. Nana Jana stayed at home with Harper and the rest of us headed to the Royals game. It was SSSOOOO hot but we all had a good time and stayed for almost the entire game.

Sunday we woke up bright and early for 9:30 family pics. It was a good thing we went so early because it was getting really hot by the time we were finishing up. A girl that works with my brother at Reality Executives took our pics and I can't wait to see how they turned out.

The boys were obsessed with riding and driving my car.
It was a very fun weekend and we were all exhausted on Sunday. I took over and hour nap AND went to bed at 9 :)

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