Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a little preview...

The Clubhouse at Colbert Hills (where our reception will be) hasn't been open very long so when we went to look at it, she couldn't show us any pictures of how it looks all done up for a wedding. I have been emailing her for like a month now and she finally uploaded pics of it onto facebook. Here are a couple pictures of our reception place!!

It comes plain like the 2nd to last picture but you can add chair covers or ribbon for an extra cost. If you look really hard in the last picture, you can see the chair covers. Not a fan. I do like the ribbon tied around the chairs though. So glad I finally got to see what it looks like! Now I am going to look for centerpieces!!


  1. yea! it looks GREAT!!! i wonder if you are responsible for decorating the bar and fire place mantle or if its always like that. I def agree about the chair covers, ew. The chairs are pretty enough just plain, not even sure i like the ribbon tied around it!

    this place is SOOOO much better than houston street, THANK GOD. (sorry amy!) Im so excited to have it here!!

  2. I think that the fireplace and stuff is always decorated but I need to find out for sure. I like the chairs plain too. I was worried that it was going to be boring in there with the tablecloth and everything being white but I think the yellow centerpieces will really stand out!

  3. I really like it Sarah........wow Amber didn't know you thought my reception was so ghetto and ugly. Thanks.

  4. No, Amy. Your wedding was beautiful! I think Amber just means it's nice to be able to switch it up! EVERYTHING used to be at Houston street because the Alumni Center wasn't open and the Wareham sucks!