Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ridin Dirty

I'm super excited about my latest wedding find. I'm not sure which one we are getting yet but I am LOVING the 2nd one :)

I have been searching for months for a big enough limo/bus to drive our wedding party around. There is only 1 service in Manhattan and from what I have heard, he can be sketchy. So I found this limo service in Topeka that serves Topeka, KC, Manhattan, etc. The plan is to have the wedding party ride around and take pictures around Manhattan before the wedding. Then, it will drive us from the church to the reception. I'm super excited! Manhattans not gonna know what's going on. Everyone's going to think there is a celebrity in town :)


  1. love it!! we're going to have so much fun!

  2. love the first one... the second one is GHETTO!! this is your WEDDING DAY, not your bachelorette party :)

  3. True True. BUT it would be a lot of fun! It has disco balls and all :)