Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter recap

We kicked off the Easter festivities a week early when Collins and cousin Aiden dyed Easter eggs. We knew we wouldn't see them for Easter so we did it early. 

We went and saw the Easter bunny while we were in Oklahoma and she was terrified of him. Just like I knew she would be. She was fine as long as I was holding her and even waved at him when we got to him but as soon as I leaned in to sit her on his lap, she freaked. I might have been laughing while taking these pic. 

We got to El Dorado Friday afternoon to have Easter with Amy and her family and my parents.  We were sad that Tony and Amber had prior plans and didn't make it.

Collins went to a birthday party with Paxton and Harper Saturday morning. My sisters friend turned my friend had an Easter themed party for her little girl. They got to dye eggs, go on an Easter egg hunt and have way too much sugar before lunch. Collins was in heaven. 

That evening we colored eggs for the third time. Collins wasn't as interested this go around so I did my fair share of dying eggs with Amy, Pax and Harper. 

The kids woke up to hidden Easter baskets full of goodies.  Someone had to have a peep at 7am. After a sugar filled morning followed by donuts, they had another egg hunt. Once Collins figured out there was candy in the eggs, she just wanted to eat it. So she finished the egg hunt while stuffing jelly beans in her mouth. The 3 kids had 140 eggs to find and I think they were done in about 10 min. Their egg hunting pros. 

Collins, Harpers, Paxton's and baby boys buckets from nana

And as if we hadn't stuffed ourselves full of candy all morning, we had a delicious ham and turkey lunch before heading home. Collins was big stuff sitting at the big kid table. 

Wonderful weekend with family. Hopefully next year we can all be together!

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