Monday, April 28, 2014

17 months

Why do they have to grow up?! I was looking at old videos on my phone and she has grown so incredibly much since her first birthday just 5 months ago. And her hair has grown so much in that time too. 
 I would guess she's about 21.5 lbs and 30in. She is in a size 4 diaper and 4 or 5 shoe. Mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes but can fit into some 18 month shirts. 18 month pants and pajamas are huge on shorty.  Still only 7 teeth.

Her eating habits have luckily gotten so much better. I usually make something I know she'll eat for lunch (chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Mac and cheese, etc) but she eats what we eat for dinner. It sometimes sounds like a sports event with all the cheering and clapping we do to get her to eat but it's working! She's doing much better with meat but vegetables are still a bit harder. She eats fruit 4+ times a day. She loovveesss it. She would snack all day if we let her. She is constantly signing to eat. She has milk for breakfast and before we brush her teeth before bed and water throughout the day. Juice on a rare occasion. 
daddy was driving up
I was scared the girl would never be a good sleeper when she was still waking up once at night till she was almost one. But she is the best sleeper now and I am ssooo thankful. She goes to sleep between 7:30-8 pm and wakes between 7:15-8am. Now that it's nice out we usually go on a walk after dinner so bedtime has been pushed back a little. She naps at 12:30 for 1.5-2 hours. 

She wants to be outside I can almost guarantee that we are outside from the time she wakes up from nap until dinner. I've gotten my first sun burn and she is already looking quite tan. 

Strangers are still intimidating to her. She will smile and wave at them but holding her is effie. Still crying when I leave her at mops or pretty much any time I leave (even sometimes if she's with daddy) but she's fine after a couple minutes. Last week when I picked her up from the mops nursery, she was sitting on one of the teachers laps and didn't want to come to me. Hurt a little but glad she's warming up to them. They say she's always wanting them to hold her :) 
 Her vocabulary is coming along. Some new words are "noonas" (noodles), "eh ew" (thank you), "memo," "dat" (that) and I swear she said "in there" today. There's a couple more but I've been bad about writing them down and I can thing of any right now. I can almost guarantee if you say something to her, she will reply with the cutest little "huh?" Cute but annoying too. I know she can hear us but she likes is to repeat ourselves 2+ times. She makes up her own songs to sing, rolls her arms when she wants to watch wheels on the bus videos on YouTube, says "ey-I-ey-I"  when she wants to watch an old macdonald YouTube video and pats her legs to watch Little Einsteins. The only part of the show she actually watches is when they pat and blast off. 

Loves: I say it every month but she is so obsessed with the dogs right now. Always wondering where they are, wants them on her lap, tries picking them up and loves to feed them their dog food, piece by piece. She also loves reading books with flaps or different textures, shoes, picking out a bow for her hair, watching and singing kid songs, the pool, anyone's phone, going through purses and wallets, drinking from any cup but her own, goldfish crackers, stuffed animals and baby dolls, bubbles, the park, playing with her friends and climbing. 
Finally getting hair people!
Collins, you make us laugh on a daily basis. You are so sweet and cuddly but a bit of a spit fire too. Your testing your boundaries and have gotten your first time out (which didn't go well).  We are so thankful your our daughter and hope you continue to be the happy (for the most part) little girl that you are. Love you lots. 

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