Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow, snow, go away!!

We are 10 inches deep in snow and got even more flurries today! They kept warning us that we were going to get a lot of snow last week and they did not lie!  Derek left Monday for work and the snow was expected Tuesday morning so I convinced my mom, Amber and Aiden to stay Monday night in hopes of a snow day. Amber was a single mom for the week as well so they were all in! 

It started early Tueaday and snowed all day long. Amber works about 10 min. out of town so she called in and we all ate our weight in food, took the kids out in the snow and stayed warm inside.   It was pretty cold out so we only lasted about 10 min. outside but we had fun sledding and spraying the snow with paint. 

They stayed Tuesday night as well and even though their cars were snowed in, Amber had to go into work. So wonderful nana Jana shoveled half the driveway so we could back her car out so I could take her to work in my 4 wheel drive car.   Aiden stayed with me and my mom and Collins that day and we had another relaxing day. Collins loves Aiden sssooo much and he is the best with her. Me and her were sad they all went home Wednesday night. 

Mark to the rescue with his snow blower 

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