Saturday, February 1, 2014

Finding out and early appts

Thank you all SO much for your kind words. Yes, this was a planned pregnancy and yes, we might be a little crazy but we are so excited. And we think Collins is going to be the best big sister. They will be 21 months apart. 

Here's a little pregnancy catch up...

Dec 17- Derek was out of town and said he had a dream I was pregnant. He never dreamed about me being pregnant the last time around so this was weird. I kind of had a feeling but was going to wait till later in the week when I was supposed to start my period.  After he told me that though, I took a cheap pregnancy test I already had. It was a faint line but definitely a line. That night I went and bought another test

Dec 18-  Took pregnancy test that morning. First one didn't work and second one had positive sign almost immediately. 
Line isn't as dark cause I forgot to take a pic until a week after I took the test 

Dec 19- Derek was coming home so surprised him with the news by having Collins wear a big sister shirt. His reaction was priceless. I know it doesn't seem like it based on his reaction, but he really is ecstatic for #2. Warning- there is a cuss word so ear muffs if kids are around 

We told our families over Christmas. Of course everyone is ssoo excited. 

Dec 31- I heard of a free sonogram place so we checked it out. I had been feeling great and was aching to see the baby. We had been going to a fertility doctor with Collins so we had gotten 2 sonograms by 8 weeks. I was only 6 weeks so there wasn't much to see but we did see a beating heart! They estimated our due date to be Aug 26-28.  

Jan 10- first ob appt. 7w and 3d so it was too early for her to pick up heartbeat on Doppler (she didn't even try).  Blood tests done and flu shot, nothing good. She confirmed Aug 26 as our due date. 

Jan 31- 10 weeks, 3 days we met with ob again and she picked the heartbeat up right away. It was beating away at 160bpm.  All tests came back normal and we scheduled next appointment and gender appointment :) We also publicly announced our pregnancy.

Weekly pregnancy posts to come!

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  1. Congrats Sarah and Family!! Such exciting news! My oldest two are 21 months apart as well, with November and August birthdays to boot, and they are very good friends! I bet your little ones will be super close as well. Yay! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!