Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 weeks (1/28/14)

 How far along: 10 weeks
Size of baby:  Barely the size of a kumquat (whatever that is).  A little over an inch from head to bottom and less than a quarter of an ounce.

Feeling: Great! Not a lot of energy and a nap is mandatory every day but for the most part, I forget I'm pregnant! Hopefully this pregnancy will go fast since Collins keeps my mind off of it.

Weight gain: 0 pounds.  They say you show earlier the second time around and I definitely agree.  There is for sure a belly, especially after I eat.

Gender: My gut says boy but I really have no clue.  We find out March 28!!!
Cravings: Fruit.  I woke up the other morning at 4:30am and wanted an apple so bad.  We didn't have any or I probably would have went and ate one.  With Collins, meat grossed me out but it hasn't bothered me this time around so part of me thinks boy?

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat (160). I'm borrowing my friends heart Doppler and was pretty sure I had found it numerous times but I always got 125. Doc didn't think that was my heartbeat so who knows what I was hearing.  Ashley said the screen isn't always right so I am guessing I found it but it wasn't reading it right.
Movement: Not yet! Miss that feeling so much so can't wait. 

Maternity clothes: No but I'm sure it won't be too at this rate. The purple shirt in the pic is maternity but I plan on taking all my weekly pictures in this shirt so had to get something that would fit the whole pregnancy. 
Milestones: The baby has completed the most critical portion of development.  It has tiny nails forming on the fingers and toes, and peach fuzz hair beginning to grow on tender skin.  Its swallowing and kicking and the kidneys. intestines, brain and liver are all in place and starting to function.
Big sis had to be included
* I am getting all my baby info off my pregnancy center app on my phone. 

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