Friday, November 1, 2013

CC's first Halloween

Well it's now November and my baby will be 1 in 20 days. Doesn't seem possible. Last night was her last "first" holiday and it did not disappoint.

Mom, Amber, Mike and Aiden came over after work for some pizza before heading out to trick or treat. Luckily it wasn't real cold out and Collins could get by with just an extra layer under her costume and no coat. We knew she was terrified of Aidens costume from a past experience with it so we had her watch him get dressed in hopes she wouldn't still be scared of it...

He even played peek a boo with her to try and get her to warm up to him but she just wasn't digging the costume. And neither did the neighbor kid. She literally screamed and then cried when we sat her down for this pic. And like a good mom, I laughed. So wish we would have videotaped it.

She warmed up to it a little while we were trick or treating. And by that I mean she didn't have a death grip on me when we went up to the houses with him. She loved walking the neighborhood and playing in the candy at uncle Tony and aunt Tara's house.

She LOVED her glow stick from Amber

She got to pass out a few pieces of candy at home before heading off to bed.   Although she didn't get to eat any candy, I think she definitely enjoyed her first Halloween.  And next year? Mommy and daddy are dressing up too.

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