Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

1.  It's not even Halloween yet but I can't stop thinking about Christmas. Collins was only 4 weeks old last Christmas so I'm anxious to decorate the house and see what she thinks of the tree and all the lights. She loved the lights as a newborn and I'm sure she'll love them just as much this year. 

Wah!! My baby isn't so little anymore :(

2. We are going to make sugar cookies, eat soup and carve pumpkins on Sunday.  My mom, Amber, Mike and Aiden are going to join us. Carving pumpkins always sounds fun but I always pick the hardest thing to carve and it kills my hand.  Think I'll stick to a jack o lantern this year. 

3. Mama and baby are going to be matching in our leggings this fall/winter. I ordered these off Groupdealz and I'm anxious to bust out my fleece lined leggings. Collins is sporting some of her leggings today. Their comfy and cute so it's win win in my book. 

4.  Operation get Collins to sleep through the night is in progress. The girl sleeps worse then she did when she was 3 months old! Wednesday she woke up at 10:30 and I finally gave in and fed her at midnight. Last night? 9:30!! She didn't even sleep 2 hours before she woke up. Luckily she put herself back to sleep after an hour. And then I fed her at 3:30. Starting tonight, no feeding. I'm scared and tired thinking about it. Kills me to hear her cry because she is usually so so happy.

5.  I got Derek a smoker for his birthday last month and we have been, in the words of my brother in law "smokin shit." We've done ribs, chicken and brisket. We're gonna do beer can chicken tomorrow. For someone who isn't a huge smoked meat fan, everything has been pretty tasty.  It's nice to have a bigger variety of meat to cook  

 Happy Friday!!

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