Friday, November 8, 2013

Sunday funday

Ummm I guess this never posted. This was the Sunday before Halloween...

Holidays are kind of a big deal around here. And having a kid makes me want to make them an even bigger deal. So on Sunday, I invited all the family over to make sugar cookies, eat soup and carve pumpkins. 

First off was sugar cookies and caramel apples.  

            snack time for the kiddos

Then after dinner we got busy on the pumpkins. Amber and Mike picked way too difficult things to carve so theirs didn't turn out. Guess they should have stuck to the jack o lanterns like me and Derek. Collins and Aiden wanted no part in cleaning out the pumpkins. Fun haters!!


The finished pumpkins. My pumpkin was Collins. Three bottom teeth and a big bow.

More Halloween posts to come! Happy Halloween Eve!

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