Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paxton, Halle and Paizley's birthday weekend

You know what November and December mean in this family? LOTS of birthdays. And Christmas. I'm poor just thinking about it all.

Last weekend we went to Galva on Friday to attend our nieces parties. Halle turned 6 and Paizley turned 2. Collins had fun playing at memo and papa's till the party. She saw memo take a baby doll out of this bag and kept looking in the bag for it.

Halle is having a party with her friends but this was their family one. Jaime and Bryon did AWESOME on the homemade cakes. All from scratch. And the girls made out with some pretty cool toys. Collins was quick to steal Paizley's baby doll she got and then took a stroll on Halle's baby doll car. 


After their party we headed to El Dorado to celebrate Pax's birthday. His party was Sunday but he opened family gifts Saturday night. 

He had his party at a rock climbing place and Collins took 1 look at the kids doing it and then she was bound to try it herself. 

Happy birthday kiddos! Love you like crazy!

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