Tuesday, November 12, 2013

365: Days 274-316

Oct 1: busting out the Halloween jammies

Oct 2: ah the finger point. Kills me
Oct 3:
Oct 4: how I get dirty clothes and baby downstairs in 1 trip 

Oct 5: 1st pumpkin patch

Oct 6: staying warm at daddy's softball game

Oct 7: reading books with Braxton

Oct 8: We love FaceTime when daddy is away
Oct 9: brave daddy letting her walk around naked

Oct 10: Giving milk in a sippy a try

Oct 11: Park warrior
Oct 12- Trying to stay warm at Pax's game

Oct 13: Cousin breakfast
Oct 14: My happy girl

Oct 15: Shopping trip

Oct 16: First sickness, pink eye, fever and ear infection

Oct 17: Still fever but happily teasing the dogs

Oct 18: Kellan shopping with the sick baby

Oct 19: Loves for papa

Oct 20: Looking at the ads is hilarious

Oct 21: 11 months old.  wwaaahhhhh

Oct 22- Trying out the new car seat

Oct 23: Thanks Pinterest

Oct 24: First storytime at the library
Oct 25: Deep love for gold
Oct 26: An electronic loving family

Oct 27: Another Target shopping trip

Oct 28: Reaching for mama

Oct 29: Spider heads
Oct 30: First time playing with beans
Oct 31: Happy Halloween!

Nov 1: Entertaining her on the way to Galva

Nov 2: Stylin girl

Nov 3: Off to family pics
Nov 4: Watching daddy mow

Nov 5: Little scared of the ice machine in the hotel

Nov 6: Mischievous look
Nov 7: Sometimes you have to use a koozy to entertain her in the car

Nov 8: The only way to eat spaghetti...shirtless!
Nov 9: She talked us into an early birthday present

Nov 10: Loving on the freaky doll
Nov 11: So proud of herself for climbing up there

Nov 12: Easy entertainment

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