Monday, November 11, 2013

Business trip with dad

Derek travels about 5 days a month so last week, me and Collins tagged along. We headed to Omaha Monday afternoon right before nap time.

This only lasted 45 min. of the 3 hours. She was good when she woke up but we hoped she would have slept longer. Our hotel must have known we were coming cause complimentary wings and beer started just as we were getting there. Don't mind if we do!
Our hotel room was perfect. Full kitchen/room for Collins. What? Your kids don't sleep in the kitchen?

We had a beer and then headed out to dinner and to Walgreens to get Collins milk. We were all asleep early that night and slept till 7:45 the next morning! Guess we should move her crib into the kitchen at our house. 

Derek had to work the next day so me and Collins just chilled at the hotel. It was raining so we couldn't walk anywhere and Derek had the car. We went swimming, did a lot of walking the halls and made friends with all the hotel staff.  Daddy brought us lunch and then me and Collins took a nap till he came back early that afternoon.

Anything is allowed when your stuck in a hotel room
That evening we  had a complimentary beer (love this hotel), went to dinner and then swimming again. This time with daddy! I forgot swim diapers so we took our chances without a diaper. I just loved her little butt in her swim suit. And she has NO fear at the pool. Walked to the edge, turned around and tried to climb right in. 
 Daddy took her up for bath and mommy got to relax in the hot tub. I could really get used to this life. 

The next day Derek had to work in Omaha in the morning and then we headed to Sioux City, IA for more work. Me and Collins entertained ourselves at the mall while daddy was working.  

Girl makes friends with EVERYBODY.  She is waving to a stranger and enjoying a kids meal.  She can eat so much!
Made friends with a really cute little girl.  Guess she had a turkey shirt on the day before. Our kind of girl, bow and all.

I might have forgot her coat. Mom fail

Then it was off to Grand Island, NE where we stayed the night at. Derek worked there that morning and then we headed to Lincoln. 
Improvising in the hotel room for dinner
Don't mind the red socks.  Socks of any color are mandatory in a hotel

He didn't have much to do in Lincoln so we ate lunch and wasted time at the pet store before we had to drive to Manhattan to get the dogs 

She loves dog toys and stuffed animals so this was a slice of heaven for her
Lincoln to Manhattan was a rough ride.  She demanded I hold her foot.
 We played at papa Longs, ate at So Long and headed to KC at bedtime. It was a fun trip and we can't wait to be able to go with daddy more often. He just added on the Oklahoma territory so I am done with the daycare after December and we'll be able to travel with him whenever we like!

Straight face eating a lemon

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