Thursday, October 10, 2013

Me and CC go to Georgia

 Collins and I traveled to Georgia at the end of September and met my friend, her girls and her mom at her parents beach house. Must be nice to have a beach house huh? And it was straight out of a magazine, sssooo beautiful.  To see Ashley's Georgia  post, click here.  She has some really cute pictures posted. 

To get to said destination, I had to travel solo on 2 flights with a mobile 10 month old. I was terrified at how she would do since she would rather walk then be restricted to my lap.  She did amazing though. Napped on both flights and snacked and played when she was awake. We lucked out and both flights weren't full so we got a whole row to ourselves. 

It was pouring down raining when we got to Georgia and rained off and on the first and second day. When it wasn't raining we went on walks, to the park and out to dinner. 

On the third day, it was finally nice so we packed up and headed to the beach. I was so excited to take Collins to the ocean for the first time and she LOVED it. I texted Derek and said we needed to move to the beach. She was walking in the sand, chasing birds and had no fear of the water. Thanks Ashley for capturing these moments for me. 

That afternoon and the following day we stuck around the house and spent lots of time in the pool. No sand eating and sand in every inch of the body when you stick to the pool. And we ate at home the last 2 nights cause the babies didn't do so well at the restaurants the first 2 nights. Good thing their so damn cute cause they didn't sleep so well either. 

The day before we left we climbed to the top of the light house. Didn't seem like such a big deal till they told me the night before that it was the 3rd most haunted light house! But I sucked it up and climbed the darn thing. No ghost got me and I got to see the amazing view from up top. 

We flew home with Ashley, the girls and her mom and lucked out again on the first flight and had an extra seat between Ashley, me and the babies. The babes got to sit together and play the whole flight which we thought for sure meant napping the whole next flight. WRONG!! A jam packed flight and 20 min. naps. Luckily they did pretty good anyway and kept each other entertained. 

Thanks so much for inviting us, Ashley! We will wear our St. Simons shirts with pride and hope you'll ask us back  

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