Thursday, October 24, 2013

365: Days 253-273

I'm glad I'm doing this challenge but man, it is a pain to do! I get way behind so here's up until October.

Sept 10- Future fire fighter
Sept 11- Playing with glow sticks
Sept 12- Changing the channels in a diaper
 Sept 13- Fun outdoors
Sept 14- Cheering on the cats!
Sept 15- Sundays are for relaxing
Sept 16- Wish I was this happy on a Monday
Sept 17- Bedtime stories
Sept 18-  Evening walk
Sept 19- Hang on tight!
Sept 20- Slowly getting enough hair for clips
 Sept 21- 10 months old
Sept 22- Meeting 2nd cousin Taegen
Sept 23- Don't let the bows fool you, she is a mean and tough
Sept 24- No bow, comfy park day
Sept 25- First plane ride! 6:30am flight= VERY early morning
Sept 26- Beach babe at its finest
Sept 27- Livin the dream at the park on the ocean
Sept 28- I can't even handle this cuteness
  Sept 29- Burning energy at the airport...oh the germs!
Sept 30- This tiny area at the top of the stairs? Her favorite place in the house

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