Wednesday, October 16, 2013

9 and 10 month favorites

Dinner mat-  We use this daily. At home or at restaurants.  It protects her food from germs when we are out and about and it catches the majority of the food that gets dropped.  It rolls up for easily transporting in the diaper bag.

Plates- When we got her new high chair (see below), we wanted plates that would suction to the table so she couldn't throw them.  I had to buy the section thing separately for these but we are a big fan.  And I love the 3 sections so the juices from her fruit don't get the other food soggy.

Puma's- The perfect shoe for new walkers.  They are super easy to put on and they stay on! They fit almost like a sock and she can walk very easily in them.

High chair- This is the 3rd high chair we have tried and it's perfect.  Now that we don't have to spoon feed her, I wanted her to be right at the table with us for meals.  It's also ssooo easy to transport when we go to someones house or a restaurant that doesn't have a high chair.  We got black so it shows food like crazy but nothing a wash cloth can't clean.

Picnic basket- The girl loves shape sorters.  I'll barely put the shape in the lid and then she pushes it in and claps for herself.  It's got some catchy songs too.

Ride on fire truck- Or any ride on toy for that matter.  But we keep this one inside and she rides it daily.  She can get on and off it and has figured out how to push herself backwards on it.  She likes the tricycles outside and the cozy coupe too. She is going to be thrilled with the present we are getting her for her birthday.

Push walker-  I owe her early walking to this thing.  She pushed this around a couple days before getting adventurous and letting go of it to walk on her own.  Before she could walk, she enjoyed playing with the front of it too.

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