Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

Yippee Yahoo it's Friday!! Linking up with Darci for 5 on Friday: 

1. I thought Collins looked really cute the other day so I busted out the camera for once and took some pictures. Your welcome.

2. My friend Ashley invited us to her parent's vacation home in Georgia and I just couldn't say no. Our flights are booked and me and Collins will be going on vacay in September!! I'm sad Derek is going to miss her first plane ride, trip to the ocean, etc but with him starting a new job, he can't take off. So hopefully we'll get to do a family vacation later this year or for sure next year! Ashley and I are already planning Collins' and Elsie's matching attire. Maybe we can find some matching things for Ryann too. Eeekkk!!

3. The countdown to K-State football is on! I hung up all of Collins k-state attire and I can't freaking wait to put her in her little cheerleader uniform.  I might be more excited about dressing up Collins in K-State then for the actual games. But we're going to the first game and I can't wait to take her!

4. After a year and a half, we are finally going to start working on the house. We're getting a new to us couch downstairs and hope to start painting and fixing it up down there. We've also been looking at new carpet and have started on the landscape around the house. House projects are freaking expensive!  It's way past due for a makeover though.

5. I love this summer weather but my mind is on Fall. I've already been looking at Halloween costumes for Collins and thinking about birthday and Christmas gifts for her. And of course planning her 1st birthday! I'm still deciding between 2 themes but I've got some cute ideas for both so hopefully I can decide on one soon.


  1. Would love to see pictures of Collins with her KSU football minky blanket!! She is SO stinkin' cute! <3 <3 <3

  2. Collins is so cute and I love her name! My daughter Lily Caroline was born Nov. 2nd, what's your daughter's bday?