Wednesday, July 24, 2013

365: Days 178-205

June 28- Patty cake

June 29- Pushing mama's buttons by pulling off her bow
June 30- Yummy celery
July 1- Ready for our evening walk
 July 2- Play date with her bestie, Elsie
July 3- Getting use out of all of our 4th of July outfits
July 4- Celebrating Independence Day
July 5- First time pulling up in my crib
July 6- "Give me my toy back, mom!"
July 7- Heading to the pool in polka dots
 July 8- Short shorts
July 9- Afternoon snuggles
 July 10- Pre Tylenol and post Tylenol
July 11- Pic fail
July 12- Pulling up on everything
July 13 - Just another day at the pool
 July 14- Ran into nana Jana at the store and scored a toy out of her!
 July 15- Deanna Rose with my boyfriend, Braxton
 July 16- The stand up greet never gets old
 July 17- Found the way to the playroom
July 18- Profile. Love those chubby cheeks
 July 19- At the spray park with new friend, Avery
July 20- Baby and mommy
July 21- "Give me candy!!!"
July 22- 8 month photoshoot a day late
 July 23- Bathed baby ready for bed
July 24- Outside play

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  1. She's so stinkiin cute!! She looks like Harper in the July 18 pic!