Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th Festivities

We had planned on going to El Dorado and boating it up for the 4th but Collins isn't at the age where she can boat for endless hours and Amy had some photo shoots on the 5th so we decided to stay in town. We met Amber and her family and  my mom at my brother and SIL's (sister in law) for a pool day and bbq. The boys think were crazy for wanting to get to the pool early to guarantee a table with an umbrella but they were thanking us when it got super hot out that day.

I failed at remembering a hat for Collins so we tried to keep her in the shade as much as we could. Luckily she enjoyed her first time in her raft and even fell asleep in her stroller by me just moving it back and forth with my foot. Before getting back in her swim suit after her nap, she stayed hydrated and tried learned to cheers with mom and dad's cups.


After we were all hot and sweaty we headed back to Tony's for a  bbq. More festive drinks were drank, illegal firecrackers were blown up (Collins didn't mind the noise at all) and another nap stroller was had. We got a late start on going to watch the big fireworks show so when we couldn't find a place to park, we decided to make our own parking spots, watch them just for a couple minutes and call it a day.

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  1. Collins is a doll! Love her 4th outfit :)