Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday: Basement edition

Since Collins' is mobile, we spend the majority of our time downstairs. I never cared too much about anything down there because the daycare kids just snot on the furniture and drive their cars on the walls. Well, we finally got around to fixing it up this last weekend. We still have some work to do but it's looking ssooo much better. And the kids are learning to use Kleenex's and drive their cars on the floor. So rest assured if you come over, you won't sit in snot :)

ONE:  Oh Etsy, you get me every time. I got on there to look for pillows for our basement and 2 hours later (thank you naptime), I have bows, outfits, invitations and pillows for the entire house picked out.

TWO: I was a nice wife and let Derek paint the downstairs purple. It's as close to a man cave as he'll get for now, so purple it is.  We had Collins caged in the playroom so we could paint but nana Jana came to her rescue and played with her all day. I don't know what the brand of paint was but it had absolutely no smell. We told Lowe's we wanted something safe for the baby to be around while we painted and they worked their magic. Playroom makeover is in the near future.

THREE: I used every muscle in my body to help Derek mount the TV. A 50 inch TV is not the lightest thing. Neither was the entertainment center we moved down from upstairs. We were both sore the next day from painting and moving furniture. That's what  happens when you haven't worked out in over 2 months.

FOUR: Someone actually bought our furniture we had downstairs. Just picture red and green plaid couches that used to be Derek's parents forever ago and that he took to college with him. Yeah, they had seen their better days. We bought Derek's aunt and uncle's tan sectional and it makes the world of difference down there. And it has a fold out bed. Bonus!

FIVE: Now we need to do what I am awful at. Decorate. We're going to do Collins' 9 month pictures in k-state stuff so we'll put a couple of those down there and then I found a couple prints on pinterest and etsy I'd like down there. Nothing too crazy because there's a good chance it might get a ball or toy thrown at it.

Now we just need some k-state football! Derek is trying to convince me to put a kegerator down there. Not gonna happen. I'm sure that would really pass daycare legislations.

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  1. I want to see pictures!! Or maybe I should just come over... And I want to know what bows and invitations you've found :).