Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Schools Day 2013

Last Friday, we headed to Mcpherson with mom to meet Derek's family, Amy and the kiddos for All Schools Day. Here are pics from last year. We went to the parade, had a picnic in the park and then went to the carnival. I was so excited to ride rides since I was pregnant last year and didn't get to. Well I quickly learned that I can't ride rides like I used to. Me and Amy took the kids on the tilt a whirl and my lunch almost came back up. In my defense, our thing did not stop spinning! Amy and I thought Harper was going to lose it for sure. She was not too thrilled about that ride. Makes 2 of us kiddo. I felt so nauseous when we got off and didn't think I'd be able to put down that funnel cake I was looking forward to. I felt better after about an hour and was able to eat a funnel cake after all. phew!






Collins was such a trooper. She fell asleep during the parade and then took another nap during the first part of the carnival.  She can't wait to ride rides and eat funnel cake next year. I mean, that's what carnivals are all about, aren't they?

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