Tuesday, May 28, 2013

365: Days 127-148

We've been having issues with our internet so I got a little behind on this. Again. We have had a busy busy May and June is going to be just as busy so sorry in advance if there is a delay in posts. We go Thursday for Collins 6 month appt. so I hope to have a Collins update on Thursday or Friday. Until then, enjoy some pictures of our little cutie.

May 7- Trying on her life jacket.

May 8- Afternoon play
May 9- Sitting like a big girl in the bath

May 10- Chillin at the parade
 May 11- Pedi with mommy
May 12- Woah red eyes

May 13- Cutest smile followed by her new silly face she does

May 14- Night night

May 15- Stripes and polka dots. Gotta keep that bald head out of the sun.
May 16- Get pissed Collins
May 17- "Nom Nom this toy feels good on my gums"

May 18- Entertaining ourselves at Amy's graduation
May 19- FAIL! I can't believe I have 0 pics on this day. ggrrrr
May 20- I could eat this cuteness
May 21- So happy on my 6 month birthday
May 22- Watching Aiden at tball
May 23- Lounging with mommy
May 24- Swinging with my friend Braxton
 May 25- Peek a boo!
 May 26- "Daddy, please take this stupid thing off me!!"
May 27- I love to smile, smiling's my favorite- Elf
May 28- Pretty girl

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