Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All Schools Day

Last Thursday night we headed to Galva for the May day parade on Friday. Our nephew Peyton was the kindergarten king so he got to ride on a special float. He was by far the cutest kid in the parade. I underestimated this whole May Day/All Schools Day. We offered to watch the girls so Jaime and Bryon could get Peyton up to the parade early, well when Jaime said she wanted to be at the parade at 6am to get our lawn chairs out for the parade (which wasn't until 10:30), I realized this might be a little bit of a bigger deal then I thought. Derek and I successfully got all the kids ready and had an awesome seat for the parade. Never doubt a small town event!

It was the 99th year and all the schools in Mcpherson county plus some extras that were invited put on huge event. Parade, carnival, optical courses, talent shows, the list goes on and on. We had a great time and hope to go in the future. Hopefully one day, Halle, Hazel and Paizley will be the kindergarten queens... and then again as seniors :)

Their float got 2nd. It was so good

 He did awesome. Smiled and waved the entire time

The girls loved watching the parade

Peyton's kindergarten float. 

Paizley girl

Derek and Peyton going on a ride

Dare devil Hazel wanted to go on it too...

It went very fast and high. Her daddy had to hold her head so she didn't get brain damage.

Little stinker

Roller coaster!!

 This ride was a little more up Hazel's alley

Big brother spinning his sisters

Derek and his sister with the girls

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