Tuesday, May 7, 2013

365: Days 99-126

This only took me 3 days to do. Guess that's what I get for getting a month behind! Wowza! 
Also? Take not of the winter clothes then summer clothes, then winter clothes, etc. Stupid Kansas weather.

April 9-Rolling around on the floor

April 10-Trying out the highchair. Propped foot and all
April 11- I love this face
April 12-Sleeping the whole 2.5 hours to Galva. At 6pm. Yeah, she was up a lot that night
April 13- Hanging with papa
April 14- Elsie taking care of Collins on our way back to KC

April 15- Playing while mommy gets ready
April 16- Little piggies
 April 17- Hanging out with my friends
April 18- Grossing mommy out by letting Elsie lick my hand
April 19- Daddy is so fun
April 20-Pretty girl
April 21- Watching mama clean her car
April 22- "She looks like a game of twister." Aunt Amy
April 23- Looking good in 1 of my swim suits. Darn flash is too bright
 April 24- Chubber

April 25- Getting way to big

April 26- Growing out of the bouncy seat

April 27- Tongue playing
April 28- Ready for church
April 29-Loving these chubby legs in shorts
April 30- Someones super happy for warm weather
May 1- Stroller always puts her to sleep
May 2- I wish pictures had sound. She was just staring at me and growling
 May 3- "Ugh mom, I think this has is too big."
May 4-Family pic before we went out for our anniversary
 May 5- Pro at sitting up
May 6- I see many many dolls in our future 

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  1. She's getting so big!!! She's pretty stinkin cute Sarah, good work :)