Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Festivities

After the carnival on Friday, we headed to El Dorado. Amy, my mom and me all signed up for a Mother's Day 5k for Saturday morning. Amber unfortunately had to work but she did one in KC on Sunday. My mom and I are not runners so we decided to walk the 5k and bring Paxton, Harper and Collins along with us. We were way to slow for Paxton so we told him he could run ahead of us and either stop and wait for us to catch up, or run back to us. Well that didn't last very long before his adrenaline kicked in and he didn't want to stop. Amy had to run after him and once she caught up with him, he wouldn't let her stop. So Amy and Paxton ended up running almost the entire thing while mom pushed Harper in the stroller and I pushed Collins. Harper decided she wanted to run too but that girl is easily distracted so after stopping right in front of the strollers 100 times and stopping at every little thing she saw, we made her get back in the stroller. Mom and I were ready to be done before we hit the 1 mile mark but we pulled through and finished in 51 minutes. I expected it to take an hour to an hour a half to walk so I was happy. Set my first PR :)

The YMCA had a caterer come in and make omelet's and all sorts of yummy breakfast foods after the race. I'm pretty sure I ate the calories I had just burned off. Later that afternoon we decided to treat ourselves for Mother's Day and went and got pedi's. This was Harper's first pedicure and she did so good. She had her own little chair and dvd player. It was freaking adorable. I wanted to include Collins on our girls day so she was a trooper and just sat on my lap while I got my pedicure. Won't be long before she is getting one too.
We ended the day at Amy's best friends house for a bbq. They had just moved into their completely renovated house and were nice enough to invite us over to eat and swim in their heated pool. It was only in the 50s or 60s so I decided not to let Collins try out the pool quite yet. I didn't want her getting pneumonia when she got out of the pool. She didn't last too long before she was ready for her 7:30pm bedtime so nana Jana took the kids back home for bed and let us hang out awhile longer. We got home at 1am and nana was on the couch with a sleeping Collins on her chest. I guess miss Collins woke up at midnight and wanted to sleep on nana. She must have been excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day because she wouldn't let me put her back to bed in the pack n play either and I ended up sleeping on the couch with her. We gotta work on getting her to sleep in the pack n play because we have a busy next month of traveling.

Sunday we took a ride on Amy and Josh's new boat before heading home. It was cold and raining but we were eager for a boat ride so nana Jana was nice enough to stay home with Collins again so we could go for a ride. We can't wait for many boat rides this summer!

We had a great weekend and I loved coming home to my Mother's Day gift, a clean house!! This mama doesn't need gifts, just a clean house and me not having to do it makes me happy!

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