Monday, July 9, 2012

Officially That Person

You know the 1st time parent who calls the doctor at every ache and pain? The one that thinks something is constantly wrong with the baby? Well that is officially, ME!

So from pretty early on in the pregnancy, I have had some cramping. After googling it and talking with my doctor (at an already scheduled appt), I knew it was just growing pains. Well Saturday night they were pretty bad but went away Sunday. This morning at about 1am, I got bad cramps again. Tried to just sleep it off but finally at 4:30am I got up to take tylenol. Since the doctors office obviously wasn't open, I googled my symptoms because these pains were wwaaayyy worse then they have been before and I couldn't even move without feeling like I was being stabbed. Let me give you some advice, DON'T google your symptoms when your pregnant. After reading a couple things, I was sure my uterus had ripped off the wall and I was bleeding internally. Cue bawl fest. Derek was up at this point and talked me into calling the office who would page the on call doctor. I hated to be that person but I didn't know what else to do. The poor operator could hardly understand me through my crying and finally said "I can hear your voice is distressed, I will page the doctor and have her call you asap." 5 sec later, a doctor called. She assured me that where my pain was, I was probably fine but to take tylenol and go to hospital if I wanted or just call the office when it opened if the pain persisisted.  This eased my mind and the tylenol helped enough that I could sleep a little more.

Still had pain this morning but wasn't as bad with the tylenol. Decided to call doctors office anyway at 10:30 and after going over all the symptoms, the nurse was going to relay the message to my doctor and see what she wanted to do. I was sure it was just growing pains at this point and just assumed my doctor would order me in a prescription. Got a call from nurse at 11:30 saying my doctor thought it was best I come in and get checked out. Cue bawl fest again. I just knew it was serious if she wanted me to come in. My doctor was booked so they wanted me to come in asap to see another doctor and get checked. Thank heavens my neighbor is a licensed daycare provider as well and only had 1 kid today and could come sit with mine while they napped (thanks Tabitha)!

So Derek came rushing home and we headed to appointment. They got me right in and after checking my cervix (which is luckily still closed) and going over my symptoms again, it was confirmed that it was just my round ligaments growing. I felt like a complete idiot for making a big fuss out of all this and assured her I wasn't being a baby and I could handle the pain (which was awful and still is) but it was reading what I did on google that really made me want to come in. She was super sweet and said these pains are the worst at 20 weeks and lots of people get concerned about them. So baby girl is doing just fine and we heard her moving around and her heart beating and this momma can finally feel at ease. So thankful everything is ok and I hope that was the last of the scares. I swore I wouldn't be this person!!! My doctor is probably thinking "wow, if this girl is complaining about these pains, what the hell is she going to be like when she's in labor?!" Let's just say they better have the epidural ready before I get there!


  1. i was the same way with my first pregnancy! i had a lot of cramping. and it FREAKS you out! yes i agree, don't google your symptoms! it makes it 10x worse!

  2. Thanks Megan! Glad i'm not the only one!

  3. RLP is no joke. That freaking HURTS! And I am the one who ended up in the ER in the middle of the night when I was pregnant with Ryann because I was in so much pain I was sure I was in preterm labor (it was lower back pain). Nope, just muscle spasms. Felt like an idiot. But better safe than sorry, right?

  4. phew! So good to hear i'm not the only one who freaks out about these pains. I was very close to going to the ER but paged (and i'm sure woke up) the on call nurse instead. I knew I wasn't in labor because it wasn't in my back but I was sure I was losing the baby. Guess it's gotta start growing in there when I gain 3 lbs in a little over a week!

  5. I started having terrible cramping at 32 weeks with Addie and totally brushed it off. My co-workers insisted that I go to the doctor just to make sure everything was OK and I did so only to appease them. Turns out I WAS in pre-term labor. I was so thankful they begged me to go when I did because while I was already dilated, they were able to stop my labor in time.
    Sometimes it's OK to be THAT person. Especially when little bitty babies are involved. Always better safe than sorry!