Sunday, July 15, 2012

21 Weeks (7/13/12)

Woah belly! It's growing like crazy!

How far along? 21 weeks

Size of baby: 10.5 ounces and 7 1/4 inches. About the size of a large banana

Weight gain: 7+lbs We had a scare last week (you can read about it here) so we had an unplanned doctors appt last Monday. They of course weighed me and I about died when I saw I had gained 3 lbs in just over a week! I was up 4 lbs when we found out the gender and up 7 lbs last week. No wonder I was having such bad growing pains, Collins' growing like a weed!

Maternity clothes: I don't even know the last time I wore anything maternity. I live in comfy clothes during the week and either dresses or shorts and tanks in bigger sizes on the weekends. I just bought some new shorts yesterday and just got a big size at Old Navy instead of buying maternity.

Stretch marks: Nope. Going through cocoa butter pretty quickly nowadays.

Sleep: Not very good lately. Still waking to go to the bathroom and it's been taking me forever to fall asleep at night. Then I am wide awake at 5am. 

Symptoms: Last week was the toughest week so far. I had sharp, constant pains on my right side all week. Tylenol helped a little but they didn't go away till Friday. It hurt so bad to sit up, turn and pretty much do anything. I'm in for a rude awakening when i'm in labor. 

Best moment this week: Announcing Collins' name!!! Buying fabric for her bedding yesterday. My brother's fiance's mom is making it and I am SO excited for it to be done. We also bought and set up the crib this week. Haven't painted yet but I was dying to set it up. 

Movement: Yes! Everyday, especially when I am laying down.  She was kicking at the baseball game last weekend and at church today. Think she was unsure of the loud noises!

Food cravings: Breakfast foods. I've been loving frozen, store bought pancakes (hey, their easy), with either peanut butter or melted chocolate chips, powdered sugar and syrup on them. Real healthy, I know. 

Gender: GIRL!!!! Collins Cate Lorson

What I miss: A good nights sleep. I guess I better get used to this cause it's going to be awhile before I sleep through the night again. 

Milestones: Past the halfway mark and getting that much closer to November 23!

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