Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July

With the 4th falling on a Wednesday this year and us having to work the next day, we decided to stay in KC and have a low key day. My brother and his fiance moved into their new house the Friday before so we went to their neighborhood pool all day, had pizza for dinner and then drove down the street to watch the big Cooperate Woods fireworks show. It was the perfect day and we are so glad we finally know somebody with a pool!

Funny story (well it wasn't funny when it happened but now it is), Tony had taken Aiden to the pool bathroom and took of his puddle jumper so he could go to the bathroom. He told Aiden he couldn't get back in the pool till he put his floatie back on. Well Aiden decided when he walked out of the bathroom that he knew how to swim and jumped in the pool. Amber was super mom and was in that pool in .02 seconds! We kept taking off his floatie when we were in the pool WITH HIM and practiced swimming but he is far from knowing how to do it. That kid sinks like a rock. So that was our highlight of the day. Props to Amber for getting to him as quick as she did. She couldn't be mad at Mike for dunking her under water earlier in the day because she got her hair wet during this life saving moment anyway.

Fireworks are illegal in KC but that didn't stop Mike from picking some up in Topeka and letting Aiden do some. What's the 4th of July without setting off fireworks?!



 LOL!! Chickens!

And then Mike decided to light the box on fire too. Typical male

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  1. Aiden looks adorable! Way to go Amber! Water is such a scary thing with kids.