Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Lorson's name is....

Collins Cate Lorson

Collins- I had a family contact me interested in my daycare for their little girl, Collins.  Things didn't work out with the family so she doesn't come to my daycare and we will probably never see them so surely they won't mind that I took their name. Derek loved it too so we were set on a girl's name before we even knew whether baby was a boy or girl. We thought about using Collins for a boy too but it didn't stick as well. Come to find out, I guess it's the daughters name in Blind Side but if the name wasn't popular when the movie was popular, surely it won't get popular now.

Cate (Kate with a C)- I was having a hard time coming up with a middle name that went with Collins. My sister Amber actually suggested it and I knew that was it right away. I debated on the K or the C but we like the nickname CeCe so C it was. Plus I love the monogram for CLC better then CLK too. There will be many more outfits with her name or initials on it.

So there you have our baby girls name. I can't wait to finally be able to write her name in posts! We couldn't be happier with the name and love calling her by her name already. I might have been calling her Collins before we even knew it was a girl. I just had this feeling this baby inside of me was a girl and was our Collins. Now we can't wait to put a face to Collins.


  1. Cute! I especially think Cate is perfect! What a great way to announce!