Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

I love that my birthday falls on or close to Memorial weekend. It's always a weekend full of friends, family and good times. This year, we invited everyone to our house. I'll let the pictures do the talking but we had an amazing weekend and couldn't have asked for better weather.

My birthday fell on Tuesday and even though the weekend was a good enough birthday for me, we met my mom, brother, Tara, Amber and Aiden at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate. My siblings rock and got me a Bobby body pillow so I can get some sleep at night, my mom got me some tank tops that will hopefully fit this summer, and my brother also brought AMAZING cupcakes. Derek took me Monday to get a new phone! They talked me out of an Iphone at Verizon but I have 14 days to decide if they were right or not. Anyone have some pros and cons of the Iphone? Overall, great Memorial weekend and birthday. 

So thankful for all who have and presently serve for our country and also for those loved ones who have passed away.


  1. dude. you want an iphone. trust me. :)

  2. That's what I'm sayin! The guy at Verizon was like why do you want it? And I was like um cause all the cool people have it. Is yours slow though? I didn't know they were only a 3g.

  3. I LOVE my iPhone! I would totally reccomend it.

  4. I have the 4S, and I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE it!! It's super user-friendly, the camera is awesome, the music player is super simple (especially for people that already have iPod's) and it's just all-around amazing. :) Get it!!