Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anniversary date

So our anniversary was Monday, April 30th but when I got back from El Dorado and saw my present sitting on the fireplace, I talked Derek into opening our gifts the Sunday before. I hate surprises and he knew there was no way I was not going to open it while he was at work on Monday. Plus, I was dying to give him the gift I got him. I can't keep secrets so this was another reason we did our gifts on Sunday.

Derek totally surprised me and bought me a new Nikon camera. I jokingly said I wanted it the last time we were at Best Buy and with advice from my sister, he went with that over the ipad or stroller. How cute that he was going to buy the stroller I want, right? I told him I didn't want the baby stealing my presents already though so I am glad he went with the camera. I'm not thrilled with the quality of pictures on it so we are looking into exchanging it. Either way, he did an awesome job and I am SO happy to have a new camera before the baby gets here.

Now for his present. Is it me or is buying for guys ssoo hard? I'm always telling Derek what I want so he has it easy. He on the other hand, only talks about wanting to go to Vegas or the beach. We had already discussed going to Vegas for my sister's 30th but after I found out I was pregnant, Vegas wasn't exactly where I wanted to go. After spending the weekend in El Dorado, my brother in law and sister talked me into going. Another pregnant girl is going so that ultimately made my decision. My brother in law had some Vegas poker chips so I wrapped them up and gave them to Derek for his gift. I didn't want to book it without double checking with him but he of course was over the moon and the trip was booked by Tuesday.

So I say we did pretty good for our first anniversary. We decided to do a nice dinner the following weekend so settled on Papa Murphys for our anniversary. Romantic huh? We made up for it Saturday and went to Bonefish though. It was both of our first times and we thought it was really good. The bang bang shrimp appetizer, AMAZING! I want some of it right now. Derek got a fish Amy suggested and I had lobster. We will definitely be going back. Amy and the kids were in town so we came home after dinner and had a nice evening with the fam. Couldn't have asked for a better anniversary!
Before dinner. Obviously same night I took weekly pregnancy picture. I don't wear this shirt everyday

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  1. Congrats on the baby AND the anniversary! Bonefish is one of my absolute favorite spots to eat! Yum!