Monday, May 28, 2012

14 Weeks (5/25/12)

I am looking ROUGH in this picture. I was in a swim suit all weekend so I quickly changed out of my pajamas tonight to do a  pic before the week went by without a pic

How far along? 14 weeks 

Size of baby: 3.5-4 in. and 1 oz. About the size of a lemon 

Weight gain: We bought a scale this week and sometimes it says I am up 3 lbs and sometimes it says what I was at my last doctors appt. So who knows!

Maternity clothes: Still the bellaband with my jeans and I wore a maternity shirt last week but their still a little too loose

Stretch marks: Nope. Rub, rub, rubbin that cocoa butter lotion on twice a day

Sleep: Not so good anymore. The only sleeping on my side is starting to not be so comfortable all.night.long. Going to get a body pillow soon 

Symptoms: Headaches are back. Usually only 1-2 a week but their pretty painful. Been taking tylenol which helps for awhile. 

Best moment this week: People noticing the bump this weekend. I think it really popped out this week

Movement: Nope. I lay in bed every night and hope to feel something but nothing yet 

Food cravings: I have had cotton candy, cotton candy popsicles and cotton candy frozen yogurt all this week. I have always been a cotton candy lover though. Pizza always sounds good too.

Gender: June 29! Derek has been calling it a boy and I am leaning towards a girl. Most people think it's a girl and even refer to it as a she. We shall find out in a month!

What I miss: Summery alcoholic beverages. There is something about summertime and alcohol that go hand in hand.  

Milestones: Officially in 2nd trimester!

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