Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our honeymoon-Riviera Maya, MX

I know I am doing the honeymoon post before my wedding post but I just uploaded all these pics to facebook so I might as well do the blog about the honeymoon as well.

The Monday after our wedding we headed to Riviera Maya, MX. It's about 30 miles south of Cancun and absolutely breathtaking. We stayed at El Dorado Royale which is an all inclusive, adults only, resort. It was the best vacation I have been on and we will definitely be going back. After doing an all inclusive, we will never travel any other way. It was so nice to order as much stuff off the menu as we wanted, everyone at the resort was just ordering other people shots just because we could, and I think we tried every alcoholic drink known to man.

With 13 pools and 8 restaurants, we didn't even need to leave. We decided we would regret not going and doing any "adventure" so we decided to go snorkeling on Wednesday. If am terrified of sharks but after getting to the boat to head out, they informed me that there is a natural coral reef wall (or something like that. They were probably lying out their ass to me) so sharks didn't come on the side of that wall we were going to be. So I geared up and we all shipped out. It was AMAZING. The water was only about 10-14 feet dip and you could see all the way to the bottom. We saw a ton of reefs, fish and a couple stings rays. Derek and I headed back to the boat before the group (snorkeling wears the crap out of you) and I guess our group saw a turtle. So sad I missed that. After our group came in, they put up what was called a Catabaran which was like a parasail but with a swing. I figured since I hadn't been shark bait yet, I might as well test my luck and give it a try. It was so much fun!!

So other then that adventure, we did a lot of swimming, drinking, eating and hanging out with other couples we met while there. Our room had a swim out pool so we spent a couple hours each day on our own at our pool and then we would take the lazy river from our room to the fun pool. The hotel put on a different show each night but we only made it to 1. Drinking and being in the sun all day wore us out so we were usually in bed pretty early. We had an awesome time and we're very sad to leave but ready to come home at the same time. Enjoy the picture overload!

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  1. Congrats Sarah! The honeymoon looks like it was a blast. Can't wait to hear about the wedding!