Monday, May 16, 2011


I'll pick up from where I left off...after taking pictures at the park, we headed back to the church to take pictures with our families. We had all of our family 2 hours before the wedding so we could take pictures from 2-3 and then rest from 3-4 (wedding was at 4). Funny story, we are finishing up with pictures with my side of the family and we realized Kayla (my cousin and bridesmaid), wasn't in ANY of the pics. She decided she needed to go out to the parking lot and have a couple beers with the guys so she isn't in any of our family pics. Luckily she was a bridesmaid so I have plenty of pictures of her but sad she isn't in the family ones. Aiden isn't either so their not good family pics anyway.
We ended pictures around 3 and I darted to the basement so I could take off my shoes and sit for an hour before the wedding. I was a little nervous sitting around and watching the clock but I was more excited to get the ceremony over with so we could head to the reception.
The wedding started on time and as far as I know, everything went as planned. This is when I wish we had a videographer so I could watch everyone walk down the aisle before me. All 3 flower girls walked down the aisle so that made me super happy. The ceremony was pretty short which is what we wanted. I of course cried coming down the aisle and again when I was saying my vows but other then that, there were no mess ups.
After we walked back down the aisle, we went and our pastor, best mad, and maid of honor signed the wedding license while I got my dress bustled. After all the guests were outside, our wedding party and then us walked out of the church. I loved seeing everyone wave the ribbon wands and I am hoping our photographer got a good pic of that. We walked out and went straight to the bus. All our wedding party got in there with us and we drove around awhile before heading to Colbert Hills. We off course had to stop by Willies and take a shot too. We have a really cute pic of me and Derek kissing in front of the Willies sign but I am waiting for my friend to send it to me.
We got to Colbert Hills around 5:30 and went straight into speeches, cake cutting, and then buffet dinner. Derek's best man is awesome and made us a plate of food and told us to sit and eat because him and his wife never got a chance to at their wedding. The food was good from what I had but my dress was pretty tight so I couldn't fit much food in my stomach. We played out wedding video after everyone was sitting down eating.
After dinner Derek and I had our first dance. Originally we were going to do Everything by Michael Buble but when we were at the Lady Antebellum concert, we heard When You Got a Good Thing for the 1st time and both looked at each other and said this is our wedding song. I love love love it! After our dance I danced (and bawled) with my dad to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw and then Derek danced with his mom to Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. The DJ picked up the music after those and the party started. Derek and I went out on the golf course to take some pictures with our photographer and what I thought would take 30 min. turned into a good hour and a lot of our guests left while we were gone. I am excited for the pics out on the course but wish our DJ would have said we were out taking pics because I think a lot of our guests thought we left. Yeah right would Derek and I be the first to leave!! There was still plenty of people there when we got back so we made our rounds saying hi and thanking everyone and then we were able to drink, dance, and just have fun.
The reception ended at 11pm and most of us headed to Aggieville. Everyone in Aggieville was shocked I was there in my wedding dress. Neither Derek or I had our IDs but luckily the door guy believed us that we were 21. I lasted about 30 minutes before I was ready to leave. My dress is nice and dirty from Aggieville but we had sssoo much fun.

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