Friday, May 13, 2011

Morning of the wedding!

I slept pretty good the night before the wedding. I woke to my drunken brother and brother-in-laws coming home from the bars and when my nephew Aiden was getting sick but I knew I needed to get sleep so neither one of these things got me out of bed.  I of course woke up before my alarm (which was set for 6:30) and hopped out of bed eager for the day! Everyone else slowly got up after me (my sisters and 2 bridesmaids stayed at my dads house as well).
Our hair and makeup appts were at 8:00am and I think we arrived at 8:10am. I blame that on my sister not being able to get the car up my dads driveway. If you haven’t noticed this trend, my dad has a very steep gravel driveway that some cars have a hard time backing up and out of. The other bridesmaids, my mother-in-law, grandma-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece Halle were all already there getting started.  I immediately sat down with my hair stylist and got started.  Everyone got their hair and makeup done, ate some muffins and cinnamon rolls and had some mimosas! It was so great getting ready with everyone and the best man came and surprised me with flowers from Derek while we were at the salon. So sweet!
We left the salon around 9:30 and didn’t even need to be at the church till 10. Go us! Our photographer and the boys met us at the church soon after and the day of pictures began! She did the boys getting dressed and with Derek first while the girls ate the sandwiches we had at the church and then she photographed the girls getting dressed and finally me getting dressed! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to have in the room with me while I was getting dressed and to spend the day with me.
After I was dressed it was time to see Derek for the 1st time! I went outside of the church and hid while they brought Derek out. He stood with his back to me and I walked up and surprised him from behind. I can’t wait to see those pics! The girls were watching from inside the church so my sister was able to get some through the glass and I love them!
Our photographer (and good friend) was 7.5 month pregnant and the cutest thing!
After we had a couple minutes together, it was off to the park for pics of us together and with our bridal party. After taking an hour worth of pics of Derek and myself alone, I realized none of the boys, including Derek, had the boutonnieres on! My brother quickly called my mom who rushed all the boutonnieres to the park. Derek and I redid some of our pics and then did some group ones.
Let me just say how disappointed I was in ALL of our flowers. My bouquet was what I wanted but way too small, the girls bouquets were TINY and I didn’t like the flowers, the guys boutonnieres were boring and Derek's boutonniere was boring and died really quickly. I tried not letting this ruin my day but it definitely wasn’t a good start to the day when I walked in and saw them.  Plus, I had 2 pomanders made for the 2, one year old flower girls and the things were huge! Not kidding they were twice the size of the bridesmaids bouquets and they weighed 10 lbs. I called the florist to tell her that there was no way the girls could carry these and she rushed new little baskets with flowers in them. There was nothing she could do about my bouquet and the bridesmaids though.
hot ladies! Wish someone else took this pic so Amy was in it!
This post is getting super long so I will do the rest of the day in another post. I haven’t gotten our pics from our photographer so I will add a link once I get it!

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