Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We had our rehearsal the Friday night before the wedding.  I had been running around all day buying last minute things and finishing up the wreaths so I was literally running into the church.  After waiting a few minutes for my sisters (shocking I know), we started the rehearsal. Our whole bridal party made the rehearsal (all looking very beautiful/handsome) so everyone learned what to do for the real thing. Everything was going smooth until it was the ring bearers and flower girls turns.  The ring bearers (our 3 nephews) did AWESOME! They all held hands and walked right down. The girls on the other hand (our 3 nieces) refused to go down. Granted their only 3,1, and 1, none of them were having it. The littlest girls wouldn’t even attempt to walk down and the 3 year old walked down but cried the entire time. I had a feeling this was going to happen so was fine with them doing whatever needed to be done to get down the aisle for the wedding (walk with the boys, have their mom or dad carry them, etc).  I am so thankful for this picture of the boys because my nephew Aiden (in blue shirt) got sick with the flu that night and was too miserable on Saturday to make it to the wedding. It still makes to tear up that he isn't in our wedding pics.

We soon gave up on the girls and then it was my dad and I’s turn. I thought I would keep it together but as soon as the music started, I lost it. That in turn made my dad and sisters lose it and I think even Derek was teary eyed.  We made it down and my dad handed me over to Derek. Things went smoothly and at one point Derek asked if I was shaking. For some reason I was shaking like crazy. I think it was the whole rushing in, jumping into things, nervous/excited, something like that! The pastor asked us if we wanted to do it again and I quickly said yes. I felt like everything was going in one ear and out the other. We did it over and everything went good, no tears were shed, and I was able to remember what we were supposed to do.
After rehearsal at the church, we all headed to rehearsal dinner at the train depot in Manhattan. We had more family and friends waiting there to help celebrate. Derek’s parents hosted the rehearsal and they did AMAZING. I think it might have even looked better then the wedding! Everything was yellow or grey and the centerpieces were picture stands with some of our engagement pictures. Brookeville hotel catered it and there was water, tea, beer, and wine. His mom and grandma made cupcakes and I think everyone said they had 2 they were so good. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have the in laws I have. Not only his parents but his sister, her family, and all his extended family. They are so nice and so much fun. We always tell each others family that it’s a toss up of who's family drinks and parties more.
Everyone ate, drank, and had a good time. Derek and I parted ways after that. He went out with the boys and stayed at the hotel and I went to my dads and went to bed. I wanted to go hang out with all my friends and family that were in town but we all know I don’t handle hangovers well so I happily declined and went and got my beauty sleep.
Stay tuned for the wedding post!

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