Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Elsie

After a little bit of sweet talking, Derek and I got a new baby shih tzu today!! I have been wanting a new puppy for awhile now but keep talking myself out of it. Yesterday, I was really in the mood to hold a puppy so we went to an animal store AND animal shelter to look at the puppies. I keep saying I will never buy another dog from a breeder and I am going to start getting them from the animal shelter but the animal shelter we went to had mostly all big dogs and we do NOT have the room for a big dog...yet :) So I looked in the newspaper and found a girl selling 9 week old shih tzus. She said she had 2 females left so we set up a time today to go look at them.I saw this face and couldn't say no! I really wanted BOTH of the puppies but picked the smaller of the 2 and sadly left the other one with it's mom. The breeder was very nice and her daughter had done the liter as an FFA project and they aren't one of the mean breeders that breeds their dogs over and over. I felt better buying from them knowing that.
This is how small of a world it is, Zoe's breeder is Elsie's breeder's sister in law! When we were driving to get Elsie, we thought it looked really familiar from where we got Zoe so when we were talking to Elsie's breeder about it, she described the house and told us her sister in laws name and it was the same girl we got Zoe from!! Elsie's breeder said she got her male from her sister in law so Elsie's dad might be Zoe's relation!

I see resemblance!

So Elsie is the newest member of the family and we love her already! She is VERY snuggly and good. We took Zoe with us to pick out the puppy and Zoe growled at them and now Elsie is scared of her :( They are already starting to warm up to each other though. Elsie is very laid back and has spent more time sleeping then playing. I know she is healthy though cause she was running and playing when we went to get her and she will run around when we take her outside. She has went pee and poop outside and has had no accidents in the house so far!! She has completed our family...for now.

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