Thursday, June 3, 2010

My 24th B-day/Memorial Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated my 24th birthday! It happened to fall on Memorial weekend so we had a long weekend of celebrations. I talked Derek into letting me have my birthday present early (that's what he gets for telling me he already had it. I HATE waiting)! He got me a 60 min. massage and Tim Mcgraw/Lady Antebellem tickets!!!! I beg him every night to give me a massage so I think he thought the 60 min. massage might get him out of doing it for one night...yeah right! I am SO excited to see Tim Mcgraw. My first CD was a Tim Mcgraw CD that I got back in 6th grade and I have loved him every since.
How could you NOT like this good lookin cowboy?!
Friday night Derek made me pork chops, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob while we waiting for my friend Casey and her friend Katie to get to town. YUM! We all met my friend Lindsey and some of her friends at a bar and sat on the patio and enjoyed a couple drinks. She was so thoughtful and ordered me a tequila shot at midnight. We called it an early night and headed home around 1. Saturday morning my sister Amy called and said she was making a last minute trip to KC for the weekend. woo hoo!!! Us girls did some shopping till Amber and Aiden made it to town and then played with little man before Cortney got there and then we got ready and headed to dinner at Mi Ranchito.
Amy and the kids finally made it to town while we were at dinner so we all headed back to my place to pre drink and hang out with them. We live a good 30 min. from P&L so we decided to stay closer to home and went to a bar called Raouls. It wasn't quite like the bars at P&L but the owner gave us a VIP table for free so we had a good time. Paxton had us up bright and early Sunday morning to head to the pool. We swam, layed out, ate some hambugers and hot dogs, and tried to get rid of our hangovers! Everyone headed home that afternoon and I was sssooo sad to see them all go. I am so thankful for my friends and family and that they all came to help me celebrate my birthday. You guys are the best and I love you all!

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