Wednesday, June 16, 2010

July 17

I finally made the big calls yesterday...set up appts to try on dresses!!!! Both of my sisters will be in town July 17 so I figured that would be the perfect time to go try on dresses. I think we'll leave the boys in charge of the kids :) My first stop will be at Bridal Extraordinare because I know lots of people who have gotten their dress from there (including my sister). I figure we will meet the boys and kids for lunch after that appt and then my next appt is at Nolte's. I have never heard of this store but I found a couple dresses online and it said this store carried some of the line. I haven't made an appt yet but I am thinking of making one at Mia's too. I am hoping I find my dress at one of the first 2 stores but I am thinking I can always cancel the appt if I end up finding one. Can't wait!!

In other wedding news, we are still on the search for a church and videographer. Who knew finding a church could be so hard! We are going to Manhattan the weekend of July 10 and will hopefully take a look at a couple of churches we have found. I have contacted 2 videographers but they are both SO expensive! I need to call them today and see if I can work something out with them. We will also meet with the florist who we hope will do the wedding the weekend of the 10th. I think thats about it going on right now wedding wise. Here are a couple pictures of flowers and things I have found that I like. Centerpiece I like
I like these yellow flowers. I think a bunch of them in a vase would be cute for centerpieces

Love this cake

Bouquet I like but with yellow flowers


  1. OMG I am so excited, get the tissues ready cause I am going to be a cryin fool :) Josh has that bachelor party so maybe we can take Harper with us and leave Pax with Derek? I feel bad doing that though, what do you think?

  2. Sarah, I hope you have a blast picking out your dress. That day was so memorable for me. Love the color choices too. They are timeless. You won't ever look at your wedding photos and think "what was I thinking putting those together?"

  3. Thanks Emily! Yellow is so easy to decorate with and I loved it with grey and white after I saw it on the reality show Tori and Dean.

    Amy, yeah I figured Harper would come with us. Little girl can't miss out on a shopping trip :) I am sure Derek wouldn't mind watching Pax. Maybe Mike can come to town too and him and Aiden can hang out at the pool with Derek and Pax. We are going to be crying fools at the dress shops. I'll bring a box of tissues!