Thursday, May 27, 2010

"We're camping"


The 3rd annual Long Family Vacation was a succuess! We got to Manhattan Saturday and talked and hung out with my dad, his girlfriend Kelly, my brother Tony, his girlfriend Heather, Amber, and Aiden before we had to meet with the cake lady. After meeting and trying some cake, we officially decided to use Creative Cakes and Cookies. I had never tried fondant but I knew I wanted it as our frosting because it's smooth and pretty. It has a chewy taste but luckily she said she puts buttercream frosting underneath it so you taste it as well. Saturday afternoon Amber, Aiden and myself went to a graduation party and then ran some errands. Poor Aiden was a trooper all day but then his fever came back so they headed home early.

Sunday, Derek and I went to a church we thought we might use for our ceremony (First Presbyterian). It is a beautiful church from the outside but it's pretty small inside so I don't think we are going to use it. We are still on the hunt for a church! After church, we changed and headed out to Milford. It was cloudy that morning but it cleared off and was perfect weather. Amy, Josh, and the kids got there and we headed straight to the beach! Since Aiden still had a fever, Amber decided to let him nap before heading to Milford. When they arrived, they met us down at the beach. That night we grilled out, had a couple drinks, and us adults just chatted by the fire after the kids had went to bed. Monday we fished, hung out at the beach, and layed on a big blanket in the shade, ate smores, and just relaxed! Tuesday was cloudy so we left earlier then we had planned. Overall, it was a very relaxing and fun vacation. "We're camping" was our favorite phrase. Anytime the kids would get dirty, and something gross happened to any of us, we would use camping as our excuse to just let it go! I was sad we didn't get a picture as a whole family since Amber and Aiden left early Monday since he still wasn't feeling good and all the family was always fishing or golfing during the day! Here are a couple pics...
Pax working on a sand castle (so sad I didn't get 1 single picture of Aiden)
Helping papa get the fishing poles ready

Harper taking a nap down at the beach

Relaxing under the trees

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