Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding colors!!

As soon as we got engaged I started googling different wedding colors and was set on...

Purple and green. I love the color purple (been a k-state fan since the day I was born) and I thought it would be pretty in April with green. Well...as I was watching Tori and Dean last night (one of the many reality shows I watch) they renewed their vows and I absolutely LOVED their wedding. So our colors are now going to be...

Yellow, grey, and white. I've been thinking for a little while that I really wanted yellow but I didn't know what color to do with it. I finally feel like these are the right colors and I already have ideas for the centerpieces, flowers, cake, AND invitations (none of which I knew when I was going to do purple and green). I think my stress level finally went from a 10 to 3. Now I just need to go dress shopping!!!

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