Wednesday, August 27, 2014

21 months

On the 21st you turned 21 months and also became a big sister.  I had to leave you for only the 3rd and 4th overnights and it was way harder on mommy then it was you.  You've taken this big sister role really good so far.  There's been a little acting out but I'm not sure if that's because of the big changes or just typical 21 month behavior.  Either way, it's been rare and you are head over heels over your real life baby doll.  Constantly wanting to hold him, must have him in the same room as you and tell me that he needs to eat when he cries.  I really hope the newness doesn't wear off and that you'll continue to be a mini mommy.

Our scale is saying you weigh 24 pounds and I haven't the slightest clue how tall you are.  You seem so much heavier after carrying around a 7lb pound baby but your still just a little thing.  Haven't been able to make the 18-24 month clothes leap yet.  You can in shirts but rompers and shorts in that size fall off you.  Guess we'll be able to finish the summer with your 12-18 month clothes.  I'm a little sick of them but we'll manage.  Size 5 shoes are getting small but 6's are too big.  Why most stores don't make 1/2 size toddler shoes I'll never know.  You just had your 4th molar pop through so now we are up to 12 teeth. I should probably schedule that first dentist appointment. 

Eating is hit or miss.  Fruit is still the first thing gone and you do pretty good with peas and corn but the main course is effy.  Unless of course it's mac and cheese, hot dogs, pizza or a cheese burger.  You eat chicken nuggets good at home (with honey) but not at restaurants.  Can't figure that one out.  You usually ask for ice in your water and can put juice down in 5 seconds flat.  Which is why you rarely get it.  Snacks are a pain in my butt.  You pretty much turn down any type of cracker besides cheez its so that limits my snack ideas.

We had about a 4 day sleeping hiatius where nap and bedtime was a crying/screamfest.  You would even wake up in the middle of the night crying.  Luckily, it was short lived and you are back to sleeping from about 8pm-7:30am.  After taking about 4 baby dolls, 3 stuffed animals and 6 books to bed with you.  I always go in and move everything after you fall asleep because that doesn't leave you much room to sleep on your toddler bed.  Naps are 1.5-2 hours although you'll play in your bed for a good 30 min. after waking up in the morning and from nap. 

Aunt Amy must be a speech teacher because she had you saying all sorts of new words when she stayed with you.  Mamie (Amy) being one of them.   You used to call babies "nana" so I was shocked when you came to the hospital saying baby. I guess you asked "where baby at?" all the way to the hospital.    I hear  "Where mamie at?" and "Where Zozo at?" on the daily.  We gave Zoe to Amy a couple weeks ago.  2 dogs and 2 kids was just more then we could handle and the dogs weren't getting the attention they needed.  Your always petting Elsie and you like to hold her leash when we go for a walk. We can't always understand you but your rambling a ton of sentences now. 

thought it was just luck at first but you always picks the D and M out of her foam letters in the bath tub.  You find the D and say daddy and say mama when you find the M.  Your imagination has really grown this month.  Apparently soap comes from under your picnic table and you make sure we all (including Elsie) stay up on our hygiene.  There's a little area at the park playground where we pretend your serving me food.  You'll bend down and act like your getting something and then hand me my pretend food.  Buckling your chest clip of the car seat is a new trick.  A meltdown is sure to occur if we don't let you do it too.  Same with getting you dressed and undressed. You can't do it completely on your own but hate having us help you so that usually ends well.  Have I mentioned how independent you are? We don't even bother with high chairs at restaurants.  You want your own chair and are just fine standing up to eat your food because you won't sit in a booster seat either.  I don't understand it since you still sit in your high chair that hooks onto our table at home.  We usually let you eat your snacks at your picnic table but meals are at the table with mom and dad.  

Sharing isn't your best quality so we are working on that.  You do pretty good sharing when it's not your toys but are more possessive at home.  Guess that's what happens when your an only child and don't go to daycare.  We have at least 1 play date a week so you get a little practice with sharing.  We need to get back into going to story time and stuff like that now that we can't go to the pool every day and we both get cabin fever very easily. 

CC bug, thank you for taking on your new big sister role like a champ.  You make us so proud and we are madly in love with you. 

Thanks to my sis for capturing all these pics! 


  1. a huge congrats! now tell me...where did you get that big sister shirt? kaye absolutely needs one. october is approaching too quickly. update us often so i can learn all your tips and tricks!

    1. It's from Carters! I'll try to keep updates coming. 2 weeks in and it's a bit of a roller coaster.