Wednesday, August 13, 2014

37 weeks

Well it's a good thing my sister gave me a peek at my maternity shoot since I slacked at taking a weekly pic. We did these Saturday at 37 weeks and 5 days. 

How far along: 37 weeks (8/5/14)

Size of baby: A bit over 19 inches and 6 1/3 pounds. About the size of a Swiss chard (whatever the heck that is).

Feeling: Some heartburn, a couple Braxton hicks, pressure, shooting pains and a lot of anxiousness for him to come out!! I'm surprised I've had the energy I've had though and feel pretty great for being so close to the end. 

Weight gain: 23 pounds. My weight fluctuates like crazy with this pregnancy. Lost a pound this week but I bet when I go in for my 38 week appt, I'll have gained 2+ pounds. 

Gender: BOY!! Brooks Anthony. 

Cravings: I'm not a cantaloupe fan but they jumped out at me at the store and I've been chowing down on it. Really, any fruit and candy satisfy this appetite. 

Best moment this week: Friday I had my 37 week appt and my doc thought he had dropped since he was measuring the same (I'm guessing at 36 weeks) and I was dilated to a 1 and 40%. Not much but she thought I would be at a 2 at my 38 week appt and a 3 by the time I go in for my induction. We shall see. Saturday, my sister did my maternity shoot and I've only seen the unedited pics but she did SO good. We did a lot of walking, sweating and trying to get Collins to cooperate so I wasn't sure how they would look but I'm so in love with them. And then later that day my sisters and mom through us a baby-q couples shower and holy cow was it cute. I'll be doing a post about that next. We did some shopping at babies r us on Sunday and now I think we are 100% ready for him. Ok maybe 90% because the car seat hasn't been installed and mine and Derek's bags aren't packed. 

Movement:  I had a big scare last week when  I was trying to go to sleep and realized he wasn't his active self that evening. After a lot of nudging and still no movement, I raced down to his nursery with the heart doppler. It took longer then I would have liked but I found his heartbeat and then got a couple kicks out of him. I think he's out of room and crammed to the max in there. 

Sleep: Occassional insomnia but usually sleeping about 10-7 with 3 bathroom trips. Haven't been taking daily naps but use nap time to kick up my feet and just relax for a couple hours. 

 Maternity clothes: Getting dressed is the worst part of the day. Hardly anything fits and I refuse to buy maternity clothes this late in the game. 

Milestones:  spending the next 2 weeks in the womb allows baby's brain and lungs to fully mature. 

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