Monday, September 8, 2014

The first 2 weeks with 2

A little over 2 weeks into this mom of 2 thing and I totally understand how moms don't shower every day now.  Heck, I hardly remember to brush my teeth! We're getting settled as a family of 4 and working on a routine. 

Week 1 flew by.  We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and then between family in town, 3 mornings of heel pricks thanks to jaundice and 2 doctor visits to check weight and jaundice, we stayed very busy.  Brooks jaundice was a level 8 when we left the hospital on Saturday, 13 on Monday, 14 on Tuesday and back to 13 on Wednesday.  Once the levels start going down, they don't go back up so we were cleared from more blood draws.  He was such a trooper for them but it broke my heart.  Collins was/is all about the baby.  Always wanting to hold him and be where he is.  If she can't see him, she's asking where he is.  Week 1:

Seeing brother right after birth, hearing test, coming home outfit and first night at home

She goes into a complete daze when she holds him

1 week. 7lbs 6oz
Week 2 was a little harder.  Daddy was back at work and it was just be and the kiddos.  Derek was gone Tuesday and Wednesday for work and I survived my first solo night with the 2.  They were great for me on Tuesday and then Wednesday was pretty rough.  You know its bad when Collins finds herself in time out.  Brooks learned how to cry and if he wasn't eating or sleeping, he was doing just that.  By the end of the week we made it to a park play date, Target (cause that cures all), a walk and cheered on K-State from home.  Brooks had a doctor visit to check on his weight and jaundice and weighed in at 8lbs 3oz. 13oz in 1 week.  That's what happens when you eat all the live long day.  Week 2 looked like this:


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