Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It was good while it lasted

I was hoping it wouldn't happen but it looks like our good sleeper left us. Guess she was just teasing me when she was sleeping through the night because the past 4 nights have been rough. Luckily it's nothing a little rocking or binky can't handle but since she's in her own room now, we actually have to go farther then 2 feet to soothe her. Naps suck too. Sorry little girl but 30 min naps are not OK by me. I'm going to blame this downfall on one of these things. 1. teeth 2. stupid daylight savings 3. growth spurt
Since she doesn't usually eat when she wakes up, I think the verdict is...

#1 teeth. Cause there's been a whole lotta hand sucking going on.
She went to sleep at 8 last night and by 11:30, this was going on. We couldn't help but laugh. She's lucky she's cute
Good thing she talked herself back to sleep!

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