Monday, March 18, 2013

365: Days 60-76

There will be no move it Monday today. I'm slacking already and only went 1 last week. oops. Moving on...

Feb 28- Milk coma
March 1- I could just eat that little strawberry
March 2- Trying out the exersaucer at memo and papa's
March 3- Hanging out with cousins
March 4- Cute grin
March 5-  Elvis face
March 6- So mad but looking so cute
March 7- Thumb sucking. I quickly pulled it out because I will not have a thumb sucker
March 8- Out to dinner with mom and dad
March 9- All dressed for church
March 10- Relaxing
March 11- Tummy sleeper
March 13- Flower power
March 14- Baby in a bar
March 15- Enjoying the nice weather
March 16- So close to rolling back to stomach
March 17- New toy and I playing dress up in my pajamas

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  1. Hey there lady! I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. Not totally sure what it is, but I was nominated and it sounds fun so go check it out. :)