Monday, June 18, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Don't you just start singing that song every time you say Las Vegas? Just me? mmk. Well Vegas is exactly where we went this past weekend. We worked a full day Thursday and got to Vegas around 9:30 pm. We had an hour delay on the plane because of weather so we got in later then planned. Yeah I was going a little stir crazy after sitting in the plane for 4 hours. But we made it, freshened up and met my Amy and Josh and the other couple that were already there down at the casino. We found a blackjack table to ourselves so us girls played as well. I hate playing with people I don't know cause I don't know all the rules and some people get mad. Plus I can't count my cards very fast so I pretty much just go on a whim saying go or stay. I made it till 1am that night (3am in KS) and Derek and the boys didn't make it in till 5am (7am KS time)!! 

 I didn't do so well taking pictures that night. Plus, I took my old camera which takes horrible pictures.

Since someone got in late, I went downstairs fairly early Saturday and had a bagel by myself. I told him when he came in at 5am I wasn't going to let him sleep all morning so I woke him up when I got back. Sorry, not spending our trip in the hotel room! We all headed to the pool around 11 and stayed there till 5. It was HOT so we spent the majority of the time in the pool. Me drinking lots of waters, the others having some fun alcoholic beverage. The other 2 couples made it in that afternoon so we all went to a steak place for dinner and to celebrate Amy's 30th (which isn't till the 22nd. She is having a birthday MONTH). Funny story, we go to this nice steak place and everyone orders steaks, seafood etc. Not this girl. I had some amazing 5 cheese macaroni and onion rings. If I cant drink my calories, I'm going to eat them! We headed back to the casino after dinner and gambled some more. We were all standing around the boy's blackjack table which was in front of a stage and out of NOWHERE, a Michael Jackson look a like comes out and puts a microphone on the stage. Amy is slightly obsessed with Michael so she about passed out with excitement. I gotta give it to him though, he looked just like Michael, sounded just like him (on the songs he didn't lip sync) and knew every dance move and outfit. He was awesome. I drug Derek to bed with me at almost 2am and the others stayed out till 5 am. Crazy people.

Drinking coffee on her birthday night. LOSER!


Everyone was slow getting out of bed that morning so Derek and I went down for breakfast while we waited for them to get up. Josh wasn't feeling too good after staying up till 5am  both nights so Derek, Amy and me walked the strip while he slept. It was HOT so we made it to the water show at Bellagio and got a taxi back to New York New York. Josh was up by then so we headed to the pool but only for a couple hours before everyone was ready for naps. Derek and I passed on the nap and went and gambled instead. Derek sticks to blackjack and tried craps for the first time this weekend, I occasionally do blackjack but prefer roulette or I kicked butt at Texas holdem on a computer. We went to Mexican that night with Amy and Josh, watched the fountains at Bellagio again since it was dark this time, gambled and were in bed by 11:30 so we could catch our 7:45am flight.


Here's a day and night video in case you haven't seen the fountains. Sssooo amazing

I wasn't sure how much fun I would have in Vegas being pregnant but we both had a really good time. Amy and Josh, thank you for inviting us on your trip. We had so much fun with you guys.

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